Chancel Repair Liability - Introduction

Tithe Redemption Commission - Tithe Act 1936

This is a difficult and complex subject, and we at All Saints were dismayed to learn that our parish was one of those affected by Chancel Repair Liability (CRL). Happily, after many years of work by people who had to become informed about this arcane corner of secular lawmaking, we were able to reach a position which avoids the worst consequences of HenryVIII's ancient land grab from the church. You should read the following links in order for our version of the full story, or just go straight to the items which interest you. The information given represents our knowledge, understanding and belief at the moment, however we will update it should new information come to light.

Additional Material

The research to establish liability in the area involved many ancient documents, and some examples can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Any enquiries about local Chancel Repair Liability should in the first place be directed to [email protected]