Bereavement Support

For those who mourn

A short bereavement service in our time of isolation.

Sunday 3rd May at 3pm would have been our bereavement service in church so we wanted to take a moment to remember those we loved who have died.
Between 2pm and 2:30pm our bereavement team will be praying for all those who are grieving and at 3pm Mother Cate will lead a short service of readings and prayers online.
We will be lighting candles in our homes, or you can light a candle online on the Church of England website.

Service sheet


In normal times

Following a funeral, All Saints has a team of visitors who are willing to call round and chat to those who are bereaved. We are not trained counsellors but we can provide a “listening ear” to those who would find it helpful to talk about their loss.

We also have a Bereavement Support Café which usually meets on the first Sunday of each month, in our Coffee Shop, at 3.00pm. It's an opportunity to meet with those who are also coping with bereavement and to find mutual support from each other through tea and chat. We hope to be able to return to this when we can.

For more information contact the Parish Office on 01525 381418.